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Hussain Yousif

Leaded Qurannet Development Team (QDT). Developed enhanced security technique for PHP\MySQL Earth Given (it has been protecting many PHP sites)

Leaded the Live Broadcasting Center (LBC) , this project was a leading project in the region and considered the first successful online broadcasting service. It was then enhanced to include broadcasting activities in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. The broadcasting service had been blocked by the Bahraini authorities

The blockage has been removed due to public demonstration and protesting.

Built Qurannet online CMS that helped initialize the websites for many NGO’s in Bahrain e.g. Bapco Trade Union, Bahrain Center for Human Rights and others. Participated in pushing the IT awareness by giving IT relates lectures and workshops. Providing IT support and advisory for many local Bahraini websites administrators and bloggers. I was arrested for two weeks due to my online activism.

  • Data Security & Encryption with PGP
  • Bahrain Live Broadcasting Center: Live Events from Bahrain, SA, Oman, Kuwait and UAE.
  • VOIP & PABX : Asterisk, TrixBox and Atcom.
  • Disaster Recovery and High availability of data for NGO's.
Attended Arab Techies Gathering, Cairo, December 2008


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9 years 11 weeks