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I graduated from Computer Science department, Alexandria university. I have been in programming since 2003. I work as a software developer at eSpace, also I'm doing my Masters in Bio-informatics only because I love it alot.. :). I used to be a member in a number of social organization. I'm mainly interested in full text search optimizations specially in Arabic, semantic search, web servers scalability, database optimizations and queuing solutions.

I really believe in the effect of communities on arising the public and professional awareness, that's what I'm trying to do here...


Raramorph(Ruby Arabic Morphological Analyzer)

Community Engine(Ruby on Rails Social Networking platform, I added postgreSQL and the arabic support)

System VIPC(Adding Ruby 1.9 support for the famous systemV Inter process communication C library)

Attended Arab Techies Code Sprint, Cairo, May 2009


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