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Djihed Afifi

I was educated in Algeria up to high school. I received a government grant to study in the UK as part of a programme to encourage high school graduates. I studied for an MEng in Computer Science from the University of Manchester. I am currently preparing for a PhD in Formal Methods, influenced by theoretical computer science and logic. The subject is Evolvable Systems.

Besides studies, I work within the localisation community to standardise Arabic translation, fix RTL/Arabic issues in Open Source Software and localise GNOME to Arabic (with great progress).


GNOME localisation ( -

The technical computing dictionary ( : wiki'fied discussion of terms often found in computer user interfaces.

Arabic OpenCD ( A collection of localised and non localised open source applications.

Minbar ( GNOME prayer application.

Attended Arab Techies Code Sprint, Cairo, May 2009


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