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My name is Sami Ben Gharbia. Born in Bizerte (Tunisia) in 1967, I fled from Tunisia in 1998 and live in The Netherlands as political refugee.
I speak Arabic, French, Dutch, English, and a bit of Farsi.
My personal blog [fikra] فكرة (which means idea in Arabic) has been censored in Tunisia since 2003. I initially start blogging with the publishing of the first Tunisian e-book (Borj Erroumi XL) that tells the story of the escapade that I was forced to, crossing Africa and the Middle East, to reach Europe and get asylum.
I can also be found at, an independent Tunisian site that I run together with a wonderful team.

I joined Global Voices team as Advocacy Director. And I'am fascinated by the use of new information technologies for advocacy and fighting censorship and oppression. That’s why I’m blogging. That’s why I’m here.


Attended Arab Techies Gathering, Cairo, December 2008


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