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Zeinab Samir

Lead Web Designer at Almasry Alyoum the Egyptian Independent Daily. I use Drupal since 2006 to create beautiful & usable web 2.0 websites respecting all what I learned about Usability, accessibility & validation as much as I can using tools like Photoshop, XHMTL, CCS, Drupal, JQuery. I'm also an expert in RTL themes.

I'm also editor of loksha.com the Arabic design blog. I try to cover this area from my own prospective. I also care about FOSS as much as I can :) so don't be surprised to find me using a MAC, i'm a designer after all. I also use Ubuntu very well.

I'm a co-founder of Kolena Laila the blogging-based campaign for Arab Women to speak up. & I've been blogging as Bent Masreya since 2005.

Attended Arab Techies Gathering, Cairo, December 2008
Attended Arab Techies Women Gathering, Jounieh, May 2010


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