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Hanadi Traifeh

Hanadi has an immense interest in exploring the relationship between art, technology and society, and the role art can play in facilitating dialogue and understanding. Her art practice themes revolve around the concepts of identity, relocation, time and belonging. She utilises technology and the internet intensively in her projects, and believe in the great potential of digital media and communication for the creating highly interactive and striking artistic experiences. Hanadi holds a BA in Fine Arts and a Diploma of Higher Education in Visual Communications from Damascus University, and an MA in Fine Arts from the University of Wales. Her works have been exhibited widely in Syria, the UK, Sweden and Finland, and she has also contributed many works under Creative Commons licenses to the Arabic digital commons.

Attended Arab Techies Gathering, Cairo, December 2008
Attended Arab Techies Women Gathering, Jounieh, May 2010


Hanadi Traifeh
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