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Houeida Anouar

I am a 34 years old technology enthusiast who have been on the web since 1998, learning, teaching, working and experiencing the transformational power of technology in fields like education, organizational management, advocacy and lately philanthropy.

I am the executive director of a new international humanitarian social network project, aiming at bridging the poverty gap in the world, and planned to launch in 2011. In my spare time, I like to help some tunisian brands build their social media strategy.

I have been involved in digital activism and free speech campaigns in Tunisia between 2000 and 2005 and I still am a strong believer in today’s social media power to ignite a democratic transition in arab countries in general and in Tunisia specifically!


Besides work, my husband and I launched this Tunisian Twitter Aggregator for fun:

In the past I collaborated as administrator and journalist on http://www.reveiltunisien.org , an online magazine reporting on human rights and freedom of speech abuses in Tunisia. (Censored)

Attended Arab Techies Women Gathering, Jounieh, May 2010


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