Ali Abdulemam

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Ali Abdulemam

the creator and editor of and, one of the first arab who blog in Arabic
language(, BahrainOnline created since
10 years, when Bahrain was under the security situation and people
demands for reform and asking for returning back to the constitution,
after the reform been start when the new king in Bahrain come,
BahrainOnline toke huge place as the first electronic news source for
all Bahraini and its continue to growing up. In Feb 2005 Ali with two
of his friends been arrested for 2 weeks and the charge was insulting
the king, with the pressure of NGOs , Media and demonstrations , Ali
and his friends been released but the changes still not dropped ,
BahrainOnline is still running but its always block in Bahrain since
2002 but still its getting more than 100000 hit per day, attends many
workshop and conference with IREX and FronLine and WAN-Press. Working
as computer engineer , Working in the new project (
to be the first Electronic News paper in Bahrain.

Attended Arab Techies Gathering, Cairo, December 2008


Ali Abdulemam
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9 years 11 weeks