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Alaa Abd El Fattah

From his work with children on using facebook to ridicule their teachers in the arab digital expression camps, to his work with pro democracy activists on using blogs to mobilize thousands of Egyptians against their government in the Kefaya movement, Alaa just loves helping people use ICTs to stick it to the man.

By day he works as a Free/Open Source Software developer, by night he dons his mask and cape and patrols the streets of cairo, jumping from campaign to campaign building websites, providing support and training, looking out for activists in need. He likes to pretend that his work on the Egyptian Blogs Aggregator helped bring in a new era of citizen journalism and usher in a new generation of digital activists, while the rest of the world acts as if his blog is relevant.

Attended Arab Techies Gathering, Cairo, December 2008
Attended Arab Techies Code Sprint, Cairo, May 2009


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