Free Ali Abdulemam


It has been more than a week since our friend and Arab Techies member Ali Abdulemam has been arrested.

While many of us were busy celebrating Eid el Fitr, Ali has been held in solitary detention, not allowed to see his family and lawyer, and according to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, there is a serious risk of him facing torture.

Ali Abdulemam is a leading Bahraini blogger and founder of Bahrain’s popular BahrainOnline forum. He is a pioneer among Arab activists, using the internet to militate for peaceful reform. He inspired many young Bahrainis and Arabs to use the internet to express themselves and engage in spirited debate.

He was arrested on 4 September, 2010 by the Bahraini authorities amidst a major crackdown on the country’s opposition.


And here is how you can help:


Live Broadcasting Center, Bahrain Experience, by Hussain Yousif

1.3.1 جلسات حرة - مشروع: بوابة البحرين

علي عبد الإمام

  • مبني على إحدى الربمجيات المفتوحة
  • مجمع مدونات عام و شامل (توجد أربع مجمعات آخرى و لكنها مغلقة أو متخصصة)
  • منتديات
  • أخبار
  • سيتم اطلاقه في الربع الأول من السنة القادمة
  • حرية أكثر من الاعلام التقليدي
  • مهنية اعلى
  • 200 مدونة نشطة في البحرين
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