On Arabic fonts

Arabic fonts has been a problem that kept being mentioned through out the course of the first Arab Techies Gathering, December 2008. You hear it all the time, no one is ever satisfied with the font used on this website or that. And if you are a web designer, I'm sure that's one thing that you hear from your clients all the time, to start thinking about changing your career.

Part of my tasks as community coordinator is to initiate activities and help members realise their individual projects, especially if they solve common problems.

We had a common problem (Arabic fonts) and we had an enthusiastic Arab Techies member working on it by himself. I saw an opportunity for Arab Techies to intervene and help solve that problem, so again I decided to set up a meeting to discuss this problem with various stake holders.

I went to meet with Artist and Typographer Mohieddine ElLabbad to tell him about our initiative and invite him to the Arabic fonts meeting we are planning to hold. He was enthusiastic to participate and he invited us to hold that meeting in his studio, which we did. He also invited his assistant, Ossama Bahr to attend since he is a fonts maker, with lots of experience on the subject.

We held that meeting in mid may, a week before our Code Sprint.


Arab Women Techies

Despite the high percentage of women who work in the field of ICTs in Arab countries and particularly Egypt, Arab Techies has been facing problems in finding Arab women techies to participate in either of the events we organized (Arab Techies Gathering 2008 (6 women out of 30), Code Sprint 2009 (2 out of 16)), a point that has been raised in evaluating both events.

Starting to perform my tasks as the community coordinator, I wanted to work on improving this balance in our young community. I approached some women who work in ICTs and are active in other communities, not necessarily technical, to set up a meeting, discuss this issue with them and see if we can contribute to solving it.


لقاء أثناء معسكر أساليب التعبئة بالمعلومات للنشطاء InfoActivism 2009

شارك كل من سامي بن غربية و علاء عبد الفتاح و منال حسن في معسكر أساليب التعبئة بالمعلومات للنشطاء InfoActivism الذي نظمته تاكتيكال تيك من 19 إلى 25 فبراير 2009 في بانجالور بالهند.

المعسكر كان فرصة هايلة للتعرف على أفضل وسائل جمع و تطويع المعلومات للتعبئة و الدعوة الى القضايا الحقوقية و الاستفادة من تكنولوجيا الاتصالات و المعلومات في تنظيم الحملات، من خلال أنشطة غير منهجية و تشارك في الخبرات في جو ممتع، لا مجال فيه للمحاضرات و أساليب التدريب التقليدية. شارك في المعسكر أكتر من 130 ناشط و باحث و خبير معلوماتي من جميع أنحاء العالم.

المعسكر كان في نفس الوقت فرصة لأجتماع مجموعة من التقنيين العرب ببعض و أيضا مع جانت هافن المسئولة عن برنامج المعلومات في OSI الممول للقاء التقنيين العرب الأول في ديسمبر 2008.

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