Nagla Rizk's picture
   Nagla Rizk

Associate Professor of Economics & Director of Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D) at AUC, Egypt

Author of Access to Knowledge in Egypt book

Noha Atef's picture
   Noha Atef

digital activist, journalist

Nora Younis's picture
   Nora Younis

Egyptian blogger and journalist. Fond of making videos and taking photos. Recently won Human Rights First award for using new media tools in promoting human rights.

A 5min video on Sudanese refugee shot dead on Sinai border with Israel. A topic ignored by local HR organisations and covered up by Egyptian authorities.
Introducing video-journalism to main-stream-media.

Ramy Raoof's picture
   Ramy Raoof

Ramy is currently serving as the online media officer of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, and the Arab Digital Expression Foundation. Ramy also works at Nazra for Feminist Studies as their media and privacy consultant, and writes for Global Voices Advocacy. Alongside with his regular work, Ramy helps youth groups in Egypt and the MENA region on utilizing online platforms and digital devices in their work, on how to integrate different technologies in their strategic plans and campaigns, and in maintaining their privacy, both online and offline. Ramy has educational background in computer science, human rights and mass communication.

Ramy recently joined the engine room as lead researcher for setting the research strategy and conducting the data collection for the Social Tech Census database.

   riham aldakkak

Software developer. Currently working as system administrator at espace, an egyptian software company located in Alexandria.

Ruby open source library: Neverblock

   Rita Faddoul
Zeinab Samir's picture
   Zeinab Samir

Lead Web Designer at Almasry Alyoum the Egyptian Independent Daily. I use Drupal since 2006 to create beautiful & usable web 2.0 websites respecting all what I learned about Usability, accessibility & validation as much as I can using tools like Photoshop, XHMTL, CCS, Drupal, JQuery. I'm also an expert in RTL themes.

I'm also editor of the Arabic design blog. I try to cover this area from my own prospective. I also care about FOSS as much as I can :) so don't be surprised to find me using a MAC, i'm a designer after all. I also use Ubuntu very well.

I'm a co-founder of Kolena Laila the blogging-based campaign for Arab Women to speak up. & I've been blogging as Bent Masreya since 2005.

أحمد غربية's picture
   أحمد غربية

Ahmad Gharbeia graduated with a BA in Business Administration, then obtained a MSc. in Business Information Technology in 2003. He has occupied ICT-management roles in few organisations before deciding to return to innocence, concentrating on grass-root initiatives, and has since been helping anyone with a cause to make the best out of information technology and the Internet. He likes to thinks that his work has contributed to the inciting of a revolution.

Ahmad is concerned with issues of Arabic content, archival and preservation of digital artefacts, and the digitisation of cultural products in traditional media; all the time advocating free licensing of content, FOSS, and open formats and standards.

On his blog, which he's kept since 2003, Ahmad often contemplates the subjects of technical writing in Arabic, and the technicalities of using Arabic in the modern age, as well as an assortment of seemingly chaotic interests and occupations; among which are the environment, civil liberties, openness and governance of the Internet, and issues of privacy and security in the digital realm of which he sometimes provides training for activists, journalists and whomever is interested!

A hobbyist-linguist, he originally wanted to be be an anthropologist, and still maintains a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

More about what's keeping me busy at the moment can found at

احمد سليمان فرغل's picture
   احمد سليمان فرغل

مطور برمجيات مصري و رائد اعمال، مؤسس جمعية نظم لتكنولوجيا المعلومات


rana hadi saeed's picture
   rana hadi saeed

عراقية عاشت بكل ما مر به عراقها بعد الشرخ الكبير الذي حدث في حياتي والذي انتهى بفقداني لأعز صديقتين لي امام عيني و19 عملية جراحية في انحاء متعددة من جسدي واوشكت ان افقد نفسي .اعتكفت الحياة بعدهاواتخذت ظلمة اليأس صديقا وصاحبا لي حتى تغيرت حياتي ببرنامج المرأة والتكنلوجيا"طموح بلا حدود" من شركة المايكروسوفت اعدتني من جديد ودمجتني بالعالم المحيط بي مرة اخرى فقررت ان اكرس حياتي للجانب التقني فتخرجت الاولى على دورتي وعدت الى مقاعد الدراسة لأكون من ضمن الطالبات الاوائل والقياديات في الجامعة واعدت صياغة حياتي للخدمة المجتمعية وتطوعت في المنظمات الانسانية في بلدي وبقيت في البرنامج لمدة سنتين كمساعد مدرب حتى اصبحت مدربة تقنية وها أنا الان مدربة في هذا البرنامج اقابل الكثيرين من الذين مروا بنفس تجربتي واحيانا هناك من هم اصعب مني فأقف الى جانبهم لدعمهم من خلال دمج الجانب التقني بالجاني الاجتماعي فأعمل على مهاراتهم وصقل قابلياتهم فيخرجون مزودين بشهادات من شركة المايكروسوفت ومعهد التعليم الدولي في سان فرانسيسكو تؤيد تدربهم على الجانبين التقني والوظيفي وبمهارات الالقاء الشفوي وادارة المشاريع الصغيرة والتدوين الالكتروني فأحقق ذاتي واخدم مجتمعي وتم منحي لقب رمز الاصرار والارادة العراقية وهو لقب اول مرة تمنحه جامعة عراقية لطالبة عراقية

مدربة في برنامج المرأة والتكنلوجيا "طموح بلا حدود بدعم من شركة المايكروسوفت ومعهد التعليم الدولي في سان فرانسيسكو للتدريب على الجانب التقني اساسيات استخدام الحاسبة والجانب الوظيفي كيفية كتابة السيرة الذاتية واجراء المقابلات لغرض العمل وادارة المشاريع الصغيرة والتدوين الالكتروني الهدف منه ادخال الشباب وتحديدا النساء الى سوق العمل والذي ترعاه جمعية الامل العراقية بالأضافة الى عملي في منظمات المجتمع المدني كمتطوعة في مشروع حماية الاطفال والنساء من العنف داخل العراق بدعم من اليونسيف


Lina Ejeilat's picture
   Lina Ejeilat

Lina recently got her Masters in New Media Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She did her undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Jordan.

She is passionate about journalism and technology, and all the new possibilities that arise from the convergence of telecom, computer science, and media.

Lina is co-founder and co-editor of, a citizen media platform in Jordan. She also teaches digital media at the Jordan Media Institute and works with Reuters in Amman.

   Maisa M. Al-Khudair
Mohammad Azraq's picture
   Mohammad Azraq

Mohammad Azraq holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Jordan and worked
as a volunteer/freelancer for the United Nations University/International Leadership Institute (UNU)
assisting the Programme Officer in charged of youth and women affairs.He co-organised a conference titled "We Are Connected, But Are We Communicating: American-Jordanian Dialogue He is a member of the Jordanian Danish Youth Dialogue Centre, writes occasionally for Mideast Youth (a regional blog), and reports on the Jordanian blogosphere for Global Voices. He attended a variety of youth workshops in Jordan and abroad such as "U.S Democracy Strategy: An American-Jordanian Dialogue" in spring

American Jordanian Dialogue
Jordanian Danish Youth Dialogue Centre

   Mothanna Gharaibeh
Waheed Barghouthi's picture
   Waheed Barghouthi

CEO @, I’m an entrepreneur, developer, ideation machine.. I love Ruby on Rails Rails, not because i can’t develop on another frameworks! no, because its well done, stable framework and fast to maintain plus easy to learn.
dakwak is the easiest and fastest way to translate your website to any language your audience and visitors want.


ramsey george's picture
   ramsey george


   Hiba Farhat
Jessica Dheere's picture
   Jessica Dheere

I was a magazine editor for 12 years in New York before moving to Lebanon in 2006. I'm a writer without discipline, so I distract myself with technology and do lots of other fun things. I love to teach but never feel like I know anything. I'll update my avatar with a real photo soon!

Social Media Exchange, also known as SMEXbeirut. My husband and I started this project in 2008 to give training to local civil society organizations and others in the strategic use of digital and social media. We became a Lebanese NGO in February of this year. You can find us at and @smexbeirut.

Layal K's picture
   Layal K

I am a Female, Lebanese, Web Developer, Blogger, GVO Lingua Translator(Arabic), GVO Author(MENA Region), Guitarist(classic)…interested in anything social/technical in the Middle East.

RTL This: A place to share my-and everyone's- experience in RTLing the web; in an attempt to enrich the Online Arabic Content more.

Mansour Aziz's picture
   Mansour Aziz

I'm currently working as IT and Web Manager at the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar ( Over the years, I've worked with a number of social, activist, artistic and media projects bridging between old media and new media. I have an interest in intellectual property, music, mapping, archiving, amongst others.