Arab Techies mentioned in an academic research on Access to Knowledge in Egypt

Arab Techies and our code sprint are mentioned in the new academic publication Access to Knowledge in Egypt: New Research on Intellectual Property,
Innovation and Development Edited by Nagla Rizk and Lea Shaver:

"Efforts to promote eCulture should also be encouraged from the bottom
up. In parallel to the MCIT projects, initiatives on a grassroots level
are also endeavoring to expand the Arabic-language presence on the web.
The Arab Techies Group is a case in point. Convened in 2008, the group
first met to discuss ICT issues that pertain to community support and
access to knowledge, concluding that Arabic support problems are
consistent. For example, existing Arabic search technology, an
important pillar for research and development, does not match with the
rapidly growing content on the web. The group also agreed that
improving Arabic digital content will require a broader spread of
language processing tools, ideally in the form of widely affordable
OSS. Hence, the group came up with the idea of developing a code
sprint, whereby they will work together on creating an open source
solution around language tools. The group has launched a website at
http:// and to convened its first intensive code
development workshop in May 2009."

(Chapter 6: Information and Communications Technology for Development:
Building the Knowledge Society in Egypt p.218-219)

The publication was released under a creative commons
license and is available for download in PDF format.