Code Sprint Releases

Arab Techies proudly announce the release of the first outcomes of a four days Arabization Codesprint, which was held in Cairo, 20 - 23 May 2009.

We are releasing 10 projects including libraries to improve search normalization and indexing of arabic text for PHP, Python and Ruby, Modules and Plugins for Drupal and Wordpress that enhance the user experience of arab speaking users. and a Arabic stemmer and Verb conjugator.

But some of the missing pieces in improving and encouraging Arabic content on the web and a providing a better computing experience for Arabic speaking users are not solved by code.

Well classified open access Arabic language corpora and linguistic data is sorely missing, a point that was strongly emphasized in the 1st Arab Techies gathering.

As a modest contribution towards improving open access corpora Arab Techies has released a classified Arabic Stop-Words list

Apart from code and linguistic data some problems are better solved by documenting best practices, we proudly present the first draft of the "RTL design best practices and examples" document.

The projects are hosted on Arab Techies Projects Space. For more details visit each project page. We crave feedback on the projects' discussion pages, whether it's a bug report or a suggestion.

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