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Hacklab 1: How the Internet Works

Social Media Exchange - اثنين, 2017-09-11 15:42

In April 2017, SMEX launched a program to empower youth with the knowledge and tools needed to safely navigate the internet. “Abtal el-fada’ el-raqmi” (أبطال الفضاء الرقمي) aims to create a community of tech-savvy youth committed to using the internet for social change.

In its first phase, the program consists of six hacklabs designed to equip the participants with the knowledge necessary to understand the digital sphere and the tools needed to help make it a safer space.

Our first hacklab focused on explaining to the youth how the internet works. Together with our digital heroes, we produced a video that illustrates the trajectory of a text message from its sender to its recipient and provides a helpful tip on how to keep one’s messages private.

How to Get TV without Cable: Free and Cheapest Alternatives

Mr - اثنين, 2017-08-28 18:17
Discover Best Way to Watch Television and Get Many of Your Favorite Channels and Shows Without Cable/Satellite, Contract, or High Cost Many people that cancelled their paid television subscriptions had to figure out how to get TV without cable or satellite. Whether it was the high cost or lousy service that motivated their decisions to make a change, the setup had to be simple and cost-worthy. This brings us to two basic ways how to get TV channels without cable: 1) Internet TV; and 2) OTA (Over-the-Air) TV. Both setups can be as simple and cost-effective as you want it

How to Watch Football Without Cable or Satellite

Mr - سبت, 2017-08-19 17:44
Three Great Ways to Watch NFL and NCAA Football Without Cable or Satellite TV and Save Money If you are in a hurry to learn how to watch football without cable TV, then follow the instructions below. You can get access to all local, national and international games within your fingertips. This also includes watching preseason and regular season games as well as playoff and championship/Super bowl games. Three Great Ways to Watch Football without Cable Plus Other Sports: 1. LiveTvWeb (eDigitalplace) – 247TvStream delivers live premium sports TV channels from all popular sports networks from the Internet. Watch live

Best Satellite TV for PC Technology and Methods

Mr - جمعة, 2017-08-11 21:22
PC Satellite TV Software and Non-Software Services – How to Find and Use Them Satellite TV for PC technology is nothing new and there are many related terms used today. That said, don’t get confused when coming across different names as you will soon discover here. This method has been around for some years but never has there been a better time to use it. Setting this up can be as easy as using an Internet-connected computer with access to any free or pay-to-watch web TV service. You may be searching for a cheaper TV solution and way to cut

LiveTvWeb, eDigitalplace – 247TvStream Membership Sports and Entertainment TV

Mr - خميس, 2017-08-10 17:13
See All Subscriptions, Fees & Trials Below… ————————– Special Event on eDigitalplace – 247TvStream: Coming Soon   *************************************************** Best of Live Streaming Sports TV Entertainment With Movies, TV Shows, News, Music Videos Very Important Notes: eDigitalPlace and LiveTvWeb memberships are owned by the same service. There is nothing different about them, with exception to number of membership packages offered and prices. Both membership websites redirect to the same sister website (247TvStream). This is where you watch live premium TV channels online with or without movies, TV shows, news broadcasts, and music videos. You get to choose sports only or sports with

Les certificats SSL ne seront plus valides pour 3 ans

Website of the company i own - اثنين, 2017-08-07 09:36

Récemment, le Forum CAB a approuvé une nouvelle disposition, stipulant que la durée de vie maximale des certificats SSL sera réduite, et passera de trois ans à deux ans, la cause annoncée: résoudre les problèmes de sécurité et de logistique inhérents aux certificats de longue durée.

Étant donné que cela aura une incidence sur la façon dont les certificats sont déployés et gérés, nous voulions élaborer un résumé rapide, de la façon dont cela aura une incidence sur ceux qui utilisent (ou planifient l’utilisation) des certificats SSL de 3 ans.

Tout d’abord, les changements majeures annoncés sont les suivants:

  1. À compter du 1er mars 2018, tous les nouveaux certificats SSL seront limités à un maximum de 825 jours (2 ans + 3 mois de tampon de renouvellement). Cela affecte les certificats DV (Validation de domaine) et OV (Validation d’organisation). Avant cette date, les Autorités de Certification (CA) pourront continuer à délivrer des certificats de 3 ans.
  2. À compter de maintenant, les informations de validation doivent avoir été complétées dans les 825 jours suivant la délivrance / ré-émission de votre certificat SSL. Parce que cette exigence entre en vigueur maintenant, il y aura des inconvénients à la fois pour les existants et nouveaux titulaires de certificats de 3 ans qui ont besoin de ré-émettre leur certificat au cours de leur dernière année.

Les certificats à plus court terme (1 an) ne sont pas affectés par l’une de ces modifications.

Cela signifie que si votre validation a été exécutée il y a plus de 825 jours, elle est désormais invalide et doit être redéfinie avant de pouvoir recevoir un nouveau certificat; Cela s’applique même si vous franchissez cette limite de 825 jours. Cela affecte les certificats nouveaux et existants.

En d’autres termes, si vous avez un certificat OV existant et souhaitez le ré-émettre, il faut vérifier si sa date d’émission dépasse les 825 jours, dans l’affirmative, vous devrez re-compléter la validation lorsque vous ré-émettez votre certificat. Si vous avez un certificat de 3 ans en cours de validité, vous devrez re-valider vos informations si vous le ré-émettez au cours de sa dernière année de validité.

Si vous détenez un certificat DV, sachez que ces dispositions s’appliquent à votre certificat, la validation de domaine sera aussi obligatoire si vous souhaitez ré-émettre votre certificat existant de 3 ans de validité en sa dernière année de vie, cette opération reste toutefois simple, car la validation de domaine se pratique par simple enregistrement DNS, placement de fichier sur site ou par email.

Si vous êtes détenteur d’un certificat EV, il ne sera pas affecté par ce changement, car les certificats à validation étendue ont déjà un maximum de validité de deux ans.

Tricks To Use Ofra Cosmetics Uk

Veretekk V2.0 Platinum Control Marketing - جمعة, 2017-07-28 06:09

Today’s makeups are very sophisticated formulas, which moisturize, nourish, reaffirm, correct and act while they are on our skin. The market offer is immense , so it is advisable, in cases in which you want to hide defects, to carry out a more exhaustive search. For example, acne skins should choose formulas free of oils to control fat and non-comedogenic.

Skins with pigmentation have to opt for a makeup that treats them. In the case of tired skins, nothing better than bases with tensor effect. For mature skin, anti-aging creams that prolong the effects of daily treatments.


– And as important as buying the right product like ofra cosmetics uk is knowing how to apply it . That is why a factor that should not be neglected is the light of the room where we are making up. Ideally, it should be natural and illuminate us from the front so it does not distort the volumes. But if that is not possible and you have to go to the electric light, avoid the overhead light because it forms unreal shadows.

– The next rule of thumb is to start applying the base by the central area and vertically to the face, placing a small amount of product on the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones . It is necessary to diffuse the product towards the sides and toward the neck, and apply the right amount to avoid the “mask effect”, I will not tire of saying it !!!

– I recommend applying a base tone as closest to yours to put in the areas where we have spots that conceal or redness to cover; This will give us healthier skin, young and light . If you want to give a darker touch, I suggest the ofra cosmetics uk sun dusts, more natural than the foundation, provided that we have previously concealed the imperfections with the base

– The texture should not always change , but the color and amount of makeup that we should apply, because in summer the skin is more brown, and we tend to use more subtle and natural makeup, and lighter bases. We could still use the same, but with much less and a darker shades than in winter.

Eugenio Grand Prize

Veretekk V2.0 Platinum Control Marketing - خميس, 2017-07-27 15:30

Eugenio grand prize clementoni

A fun infrared remote control race car. This daring car also has autopilot mode: press the button and the car will start walking.

It is a toy that speaks and teaches to say numbers and many new words. In addition, it develops the motor skills and the imagination of the children: the little ones will enjoy pursuing it.

Includes a fun song. And it has many sounds like real racing cars: skidding, engine roar and horn.

It has three interactive buttons

Batteries Included (I.e.

From 2 years old

Pedrito the motito

2-in-1 multifunction: a motorcycle-shaped walker with many mechanical actions and an electronic activity center.

Includes three pretty colorful figures.

Helps develop motor skills, language and imagination. It stimulates hearing and sight thanks to 4 interactive buttons: horn, roller, book and wheel, and has a light located in the headlight.

Lots of entertaining songs and very funny sounds . She teaches Spanish and English.

Age: +9 months

Account goals

Multifunction 2 in 1: a goal and a sophisticated activity center.

An educational toy that speaks and teaches the first letters, numbers 1 to 5, shapes and colors, teaches to count and many new words.

An optical sensor recognizes when a goal is scored.

Musical mode: lots of entertaining songs as well as fun sounds and light effects. He also teaches English. (Batteries included)

Age: +18 months

Gipy Volteretas

A very daring and talking remote control car.

Ideal for learning the numbers, the perception of space and to stimulate recognition of the relationship between cause and effect.

A unique car that also gives spectacular somersaults

Includes autopilot mode and flip button

Age: 2-4 years

Samson, 3 in 1 Educational Truck

It’s a 3 in 1 toy: Samson is a fun truck for driving, and educational activities. Among all type of toys just trucks toys are the best one.

Electronic and interactive, teaches numbers and letters in Spanish and in English.

It stimulates the visual and auditory perception thanks to its amusing sounds and lights.

Batteries Included

Age: 10-36 months


Applications Open for “Abtal el-fada’ el-raqmi”

Social Media Exchange - ثلاثاء, 2017-07-25 10:00

Applications for the program are closed.

للقراءة باللغة العربية

SMEX is launching a new program to empower youth with the knowledge and tools needed to safely navigate the internet. “Abtal el-fada’ el-raqmi” (أبطال الفضاء الرقمي) aims to create a community of tech-savvy youth committed to using the internet for social change, and we’re inviting you to become a part of it!

If you’re interested in learning about digital security, acquire transferable skills, and engage in productive discussions and debates on issues ranging from privacy to online harassment, then this is the program for you! We’ll be hosting a number of hacklabs, or community-operated spaces, where you can meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals in a fun learning environment.

You know you’re a suitable candidate for this program if you’re curious about how the internet works, and/or if you’re invested in making it a safer place and see yourself as a future leader in either technology or human rights online.

“Abtal el-fada’ el-raqmi” will start on August 16 and last until October 28, 2017.

Apply if you’re between the ages of 16 and 22 and can commit to attending every hacklab from 11 am till 6 pm.


Welcome event (6 -8 pm) August 16, 2017 Hacklab 1 August 19, 2017 Hacklab 2 September 9, 2017 Hacklab 3 September 16, 2017 Hacklab 4 October 7, 2017 Hacklab 5 October 14, 2017 Hacklab 6 October 28, 2017

Cost: Free of charge for our future digital heroes

Where: SMEX offices, Badaro

How: Fill out the application below right away, space is limited

Extras: We’ll provide lunch and give you plenty of breaks to mingle with each other

Your active participation will earn you a certificate from SMEX. You will also become a part of a tight-knit community of digitally savvy youth with additional opportunities to attend events, film screenings, and workshops organized by the SMEX team.

اللحظة المناسبة

حمود ستوديو - اثنين, 2017-07-17 21:45
قد تكون مرت ثلاث سنوات الآن وكل طموحي كل ليلة أن لا أفيق بعدها، هكذا تغمض عينيك ولا تفتحهما مرة أخرى، وينتهي كل شيء، بحت يومًا بهذا السر لصديق فكان أن انتفض في مكانه وهو في قمة اندهاشه وصدمته، المشكلة أنه الصديق الوحيد الذي أردت اخباره بهذه الفكرة التي تسيطر علي منذ سنوات، لذلك شعرت […]

Best Way to Watch TV: Alternatives that Suits Your Needs

Mr - سبت, 2017-07-15 19:55
Getting the Most Out of Your TV Entertainment, Without High Cost or Contract — Just the Way You Want It  More than likely, you are searching for the best way to watch TV that doesn’t cost a bundle. And at the same time, won’t cause you to lose favorite TV channels/shows/sports/news and entertaining movies that you’re accustomed to watching. Whether It’s a PC/Laptop computer or HDTV/Streaming device that’s going to be used, the best way can still be setup to one’s liking. Thanks to the Internet, broadband, technology and various types of web TV services available today, we now have

Limiting Palestinian Free Speech Online is no Solution to Cybercrime

Social Media Exchange - جمعة, 2017-07-14 16:45

Roundtable discussion on “Media Freedom in Palestine,” Palestine Liberation Organization headquarters, Ramallah, July 13, 2017 (MADA).

Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations have called for a freeze on the recently publicized cybercrime law that was approved by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas on June 24, 2017.

In a press statement released by the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA), the new law was criticized for its potential violation of “public freedoms, freedom of expression and the right to privacy.” Member of the Union of Palestinian Journalists’ General Secretariat Nabhan Khreisheh expressed to Al-Quds Al-Arabi his concern that the law will hinder constructive criticism of the political system out of fear of the consequences. In addition to jail sentences ranging between 3 and 15 years, violators of the law could also be fined up to US $7,000.

SMEX translated three of the cybercrime law’s articles to convey the urgent need to halt its implementation, which will stifle free expression online and threaten civil and political rights.

  • Article 51 of the law states that, “If a crime is committed online and harms ‘national unity’ or ‘social harmony,’ it will be punishable” by hard labor, ranging between three and 15 years, a sentence impacting all those who partook in the crime.
  • Articles 32 mandates internet service providers to cooperate with security agencies by collecting, storing, and sharing users’ information data for at least three years, in addition to blocking any website on the orders of the judiciary.
  • Article 40 allows the Attorney General or one of his assistants to request the court to issue an order to block any website within 24 hours.

In the context of the increasing restrictions on press freedoms, MADA’s general director, Musa Rimawi, noted that a number of journalists have been arrested and 29 news sites were blocked in the West Bank in the past few months. This law heightens and legitimizes these violations, which could grow under cover of the judiciary.

SMEX joins Palestinian organizations in condemning this cybercrime law and echoes the call to enact a new law that respects the right to unhindered speech online and the free flow of information while protecting internet users from the real threats they face, including extortion and fraud.

You can view the PA’s new cybercrime law on the website of Palestinian radio station 24FM. We encourage you to follow the development of our Arab Digital Rights Dataset to learn more about regulations affecting online users in the 22 countries of the Arab League.

ليش ما بتنزل تزور أهلك بغزة؟

من غزة - اثنين, 2017-07-03 11:51
لما واحد يسألك كمغترب غزاوي: إنت مش نازل تزور أهلك بإجازة الصيف؟وانت رد فعلك يكون:


مدونة محمد سعيد احجيوج - سبت, 2017-07-01 04:45



そんなときについつい食べたくなる “ざるうどん” 。










































































献立例① 牛肉の炒め物と冷奴



  • ざるうどん
  • 牛肉とピーマンの炒め物
  • 冷奴
  • 冷やしトマト
  • アメリカンチェリー







献立例② とり天ときゅうりの酢の物



















AdSense CTR Increasing Tips – Create Adsence Account

Veretekk V2.0 Platinum Control Marketing - جمعة, 2017-06-30 07:57

After successfully running your google Adsense account .You will receive your payment once your AdSense account reached the $100 threshold.

1.- Pre-scroll placement : There are studies that show that a large number of users leave a website before scrolling with the mouse, so we have to place AdSense Account blocks in higher areas where ads are viewed by Users without scrolling. Think that you can have the best ads, the most relevant and interesting for the user, but if he does not see them, it will not do any good. In addition, if we have decided to monetize our site with advertising, what is the point of not making it as visible as possible? … Let’s place our advertising in a visible way and give users the greatest opportunity to see it.

2.- Placement centered : It is also demonstrated that the eyes of a user when it enters a web page are directed, automatically, to a series of zones. These areas are called ” hot spots” and should be our ads. The top and center of the site is the best and the more in front of the eyes of the reader is more likely to receive clicks in that ad unit. In this article we talked about the locations for AdSense that more clicks receive. Then we leave you a “heat map” that shows where users’ eyes go when they enter a site, stay with the idea that the visitor’s eye travel draws an “F” from top to bottom.

3.- Colors used : The color of the texts of AdSense ads is also very important and we have to pay special attention to their optimization. Although each site is different and each one must prove which are the combinations of colors that best result give , there are some guidelines that are usually effective: the blue color in the titles of the ads is one of them since this color Usually associated with links, there are studies that demonstrate this.

As for the color of the text and the URL of the ads a good alternative is to give them a soft color, the most similar to the background color of the page that AdSense allows us (since if it is too similar Adsense will not allow us to place it), This will make the title of the ad the most relevant and that interests us because the title is the place where the most important information about the ad is and also where it is to be clicked.

A final alternative that gives very good results is to adjust the colors of the ads to which the website itself displays , for example, if the titles of the entries are red and the color of the text of the same blacks, place the titles of the AdSense blocks in red and ad text and URL in black, so users will associate ads with site content and tend, for our happiness, to click on them.

Innovation for Change, in Partnership with SMEX, Seeks a MENA Hub Coordinator

Social Media Exchange - ثلاثاء, 2017-06-27 09:15

Innovation for Change supports new and established approaches to promote, strengthen, and connect a vibrant, pluralistic, and rights-based civil society in open, closing, and closed spaces through the establishment of demand-driven and cutting-edge virtual hubs that support the development of civil society in their regions, by helping civil society organizations develop and utilize innovative approaches that address the development challenges they are facing. The MENA Hub has recently been launched and is recruiting a hub coordinator to help operationalize hub activities and services.

SMEX, a Beirut-based media development and digital rights organization and an incubator of the MENA Hub, will host the hub coordinator at its premises and facilitate their interaction with the stewards of the global helper hub, CIVICUS and Counterpart International, as well as with other members of the hub across the region.

In addition to implementing governance structures and developing hub systems, the hub coordinator will explore new partnerships with like-minded entities, such as coworking spaces, social entrepreneurs, and other groups, and ensure timely and consistent communication among incubators on the progress of hub development.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure the implementation of the MENA Hub’s mandate. Responsible for the overall design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting of all programs undertaken by the hub
  • Populate and update the MENA section of the Innovation for Change website
  • Develop and establish working relations with local and regional service providers and consultants, human resources planning and management
  • Liaise with like-minded organizations for cooperation and support to the hub on local and regional levels
  • Supervise the financial management of the hub, including financial planning, budget monitoring, procurement and financial reporting respecting grant procedures.
  • Work with the innovation for Change Helper hub grant manager and staff to prepare comprehensive budgets and narrative reports.
  • Coordinate the establishment of the governance structure of the MENA Hub with the incubators and formalize the hub structure-
  • Provide the incubation team with comprehensive, regular reports on the activities and expenditures of the hub and its requirements


  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline (e.g., social sciences, law, politics, economics and human rights). A post-graduate degree is an asset
  • At least 3-5 years of progressive experience in running and implementing projects
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities in: leadership and management principles, human resources management, financial management, and project management
  • Exception internal and external communications skills, verbal and written, and networking skills
  • Well-developed editorial and digital literacy, including familiarity with Google Docs, Slack, Asana/Trello, blogging platforms, and social media
  • Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the architecture of human rights organizations, in the MENA region
  • Fluency in English and Arabic is a must; a working proficiency in French is highly preferred
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience in one or more of our core content areas: technology and the internet, human rights, advocacy, and activism
  • Familiarity with HTML/CSS and the fundamentals of digital security
  • Can travel, if necessary


The initial contract will be for a period of 4 months, with the possibility of renewal. We aim to have the hub manager in place between July 31 and September 5, 2017.


Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Application process

To apply, submit a CV, a one-page motivation letter explaining your interest in this position and your qualifications for it, as well as contact details for three current references, with “MENA Hub Manager” in the subject line, to talar@smex.org by Friday, July 7, 2017. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


مدونة محمد سعيد احجيوج - جمعة, 2017-06-23 01:37









【農家のレシピ】簡単☆ポテトグラタン のレシピだと、この容器で3人分です。















مدونة محمد سعيد احجيوج - خميس, 2017-06-22 09:48





品数はたくさんだけど、どれも作り置きなので夕飯直前に作ったのは いんげんと海老のマヨネーズ醤油炒め だけです。いんげんは畑で採れたものです。毎日たくさん出来てますよー。



























Hello world!

مدونة نوفل - اثنين, 2017-06-19 12:07

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


مدونة محمد سعيد احجيوج - اثنين, 2017-06-19 00:38































































































献立例① 天ぷらとなめこのおみそ汁



  • 瓦そば
  • 天ぷら(れんこん・かぼちゃ・ピーマン)
  • なめこのおみそ汁



献立例② かしわご飯とちくわの磯部揚げ



  • 瓦そば
  • かしわご飯
  • ちくわの磯部揚げ
  • たまごスープ
  • スイカ




لَقِّم المحتوى