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Cash festivals

Sat, 2017-10-14 09:00

A poker cash festival  is a cash game that lasts, as a rule, at least a few days in a certain casino or World Of Poker . The festival differs from ordinary cash games, primarily by a larger number of participants and limits.

The festivals are attended by players from different countries, who usually do not meet in a particular casino or room. Moreover, the cash festival usually implies various leisure activities (parties, sports, etc.).

The main task of the cash festival is to create your own mini-community, your culture, your small state. Cash game is not only and not so much money, but rather a pleasant pastime, new acquaintances, new impressions.

Needless to say, there are no tournaments in cash festivals  – or they are significantly “infringed” in rights. Cash players like their format (and there are many such people). They almost do not play tournaments, they like to control their time. In series, cash games are almost always played in parallel. But this is quite another matter. Cash-player has to switch from one to another, he can not follow free graphics, and eternal juggling is tournament, then cache-strategies are also not fun.

Another interesting feature of the festivals  is new or rare varieties of poker. For example, at some festivals they played in the Sviten special, a kind of poker that was little known outside of Norway.

The modern cash-tournament as a poker format is in the development stage and does not dare to compete with large poker series. But this does not mean that this format is not in demand. Still as uses! Cash festivals have their own audience, which is growing year by year.

Cash games are more business than sports .

In tournaments, the blinds are constantly growing, and with the growth of the blinds the factor of luck is increasing. In the cache, you decide: what to play, when to play. You set yourself a time frame. You decide when to get out of the table.

In the cash game it is not necessary to be the first. This is not the format. The main thing is for the player to be comfortable, so that he has the necessary bankroll, and the money will come by himself.

Yes, so far, cash festivals are not as well known as poker tournaments or series. But it’s a matter of time. This format can become massive. This is bound to happen. Although this in general is not so important. If participants and so enjoy the game, from new people, from communication – what else is needed?


Earn on the Internet on the blog

Sat, 2017-10-14 07:34

The best way to make money:

When blogs first appeared, it became a kind of hobby for most people, and at best, only marketing tactics.

Now there is a new industry, which arose from the growth of the network – professional blogging. Many people make a living by blogging alone, or by receiving money for what they write for other blogs (which basically can be considered as freelancing ), either by running their own blog or using both of these methods. Learn how to make money online free

Blogging is much harder to establish, but it certainly is possible. It requires much more time, work and dedication, and can be considered an almost full-time job! Nevertheless, many people nowadays have created a good, stable, and extensive income for themselves through blogging alone, with the help of such things as advertising sales, affiliate marketing, sales of related products, and many others.

While fully professional bloggers who earn 100% of their earnings from blogging are becoming a rarity for those already working in the web industry (for example, a freelance web designer , such as many of those reading this article) it is quite common to have a partially successful blog and a small spin-off from it.

Three Ways To Cope With Luck In Poker

Fri, 2017-10-13 15:17

Let’s talk a little about the beginner’s chances in the game of poker against, for example, the regular or professional of this game.

When novice players come to online poker , more experienced people in this matter recommend them to increase their playing skills, rather than hoping at random. Because in the long run, success is inferior to skill. That’s why there are players who earn poker, thanks only to their skill, not to the fart. Based on this, you need to be able to cope with your luck. But this does not mean to play tight for opponents. Know how to play online poker is important for players

Below are three effective ways that can help your luck go to your side.

  1. Watch your position in the game. To play in positions is to have additional information about the cards of your rivals, while they do not know the power of your cards. Therefore, in the late position, the spectrum of cards being played is much broader, compared with the early position, where it is recommended to play only the nut combination before the flop. Force players out of position to take risks, and therefore make mistakes. At that time, minimize your risk and success will surely smile at you more often.
  2. Know how to read the flop. Any flop should give you an answer about what might be the strongest combinations at the moment or what potential combinations might be in this hand as a whole. And do it then even when you fold your cards. If you learn to do this, you will understand the actions of opponents, why they make such bets. Also, you can limit this to your loss if you flop a pair of queens on a flop when the king and the ace fall on the flop, rather than stupidly believing in their ladies.
  3. Try to read rivals. This tip is more suitable for live poker, but if you want to become a poker professional , then you should notice some nuances of playing your opponents and direct them against them. Of course, there are other points that help to cope with luck, but to begin with, follow these three basic tips.



Fri, 2017-10-13 14:06

RULE 1:  Choose care products for your skin type

In skin care, the first and most important rule is the use of cosmetics specially designed for your Best Skin Care . Needs for dry and oily skin vary significantly.

RULE 2:  Pay special attention to sensitive areas of the skin

The skin in certain places on the face is more delicate and vulnerable. It requires special care, especially the skin around the eyes and lips. These areas are the most sensitive and require special attention.

RULE 3:  Gentle Cleansing

Care for sensitive skin begins with the removal of makeup. In order not to expose it to additional stress and maintain a natural balance, use neutral neutral makeup remover, which is specially designed for gentle cleansing of the skin.

RULE 4:  Eyes: Risk Area

The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin of the face in other places. Use special tools to remove make-up from the eyes.

RULE 5:  Exfoliation is the necessary procedure for skin care

Use a kind of peeling suitable for your skin once or twice a week. Peeling should be effective, but soft and not injure the skin. Choose products with a neutral pH that cleans and softens the skin well, maintaining its natural balance.

RULE 6:  Moistening is essential

The dermis consists of water by 70%, and the epidermis by 15%. To ensure that the skin is always well-hydrated, choose moisturizers that maintain a constant level of moisture in the skin. You can also regularly use a moisturizing mask, removing excess surplus thermal water.

RULE 7:  Give preference to hypoallergenic cosmetics

To avoid the risk of allergies associated with the use of cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin type, choose hypoallergenic makeup, especially designed for all skin types and skin around the eyes, including sensitive skin.

RULE 8:  Protection from the sun

Regardless of the time of the year, use cosmetics with sunscreen filters. They can reduce the harmful effects of sunlight, which accelerates the aging process.

RULE 9:  Avoid external adverse factors

Pollution of the environment, smoking, stress … All this has a negative effect on the skin. Use cosmetics that protect your skin from unfavorable factors before leaving home, and thoroughly clean the skin upon returning home in the evening.

RULE 10:  Do not forget about the lips

As soon as you feel that it is necessary, use a regenerating cream for the lips. You can apply the cream repeatedly as often as you wish.

HCG Diet Or Diet For The Lazy.

Thu, 2017-10-12 14:43

HCG diet has thundered like a thunder among people who have struggled with excess weight for many years. Drops HCG – the basis of a new fashionable American diet that really works

So, let’s look at the basic concepts that the hcg diet foods carries in itself.

First, this fast and effective diet is built on the human hormone Gonadotropin Chorionic (HCG) is a natural protein hormone, it forms in the placenta of a pregnant woman. The function of this hormone is to provide fetal nutrition by burning fat in the mother’s body and turning it into energy.

This hormone activates the work of the hypothalamus of the brain, which is responsible for the correct and healthy metabolism. But as we overload our body with harmful products, most of which consist of fats and carbons, the hypothalamus is unable to perform its natural functions.

The hypothalamus has neurons that perceive and fix all changes (temperature, composition of hormones) that occur in the blood of a person and cerebrospinal fluid. The hypothalamus is the center that is responsible for feeling thirst, hunger, sleep and wakefulness. Overweight people often overload their body with a large number of foods and consume a lot of fatty foods, sugar, salt – and this is part of the problem of poor performance of the hypothalamus. As a result, the appetite increases, so-called “food addiction” appears, metabolism slows down, fat is stored in reserve on the abdomen, at hand, in the pelvis and on the legs.

The pattern between the increase in the level of the hormone HCG and the reduction in body fat was noted back in 1950 by a British researcher Dr. Albert Simeons. After experimenting and confirming successful results, this method of losing weight was used by celebrities. At that time HCG hormone was only in the form of injections and was considered an expensive drug, as it was extracted from the urine of a pregnant woman. Now we can find slimming products with HCG hormone in drops, plaster, powder. The HCG drops are the most convenient way, you drip them under the tongue, and they are immediately absorbed into the blood. On how to correctly apply drops, how to conduct three phases of the program, as well as the allowable diet with the HCG diet, you can read in the next article.


Free lottery as an alternative to online casinos

Thu, 2017-10-12 13:45

Many of us have met on the Internet numerous articles on how you can make money playing online casinos or cheating them. Looking ahead, let’s say that this is the most outright lie, not only because Best Online Casino games have a negative mathematical expectation of payments, but also because the promised deception of the casino is promoted by the casinos themselves and their owners, because some people believe and carry their own money.

How can this be avoided? To avoid being deceived? Correctly! Do not invest in gambling a penny. After all, how can you take away what is not? That’s why we developed a fundamentally new gambling game –  an absolutely free online lottery with real money prizes. In which, in all seriousness, you can win 10,000 rubles daily. Another thing is that this requires a fairly developed intuition, but this is the second question.

What is the problem when playing our free-Internet lottery? In guessing the number from 0 to 999 999. That’s so simple, extremely simple. But is it easy to guess such a number? It depends on what you compare it to.

It is easy to calculate that the probability of winning the main prize of 10,000 rubles is 1 to 1 million, which is a very high indicator compared to other gambling, especially given the ABSOLUTE free of each attempt.

Each attempt to guess the number costs the Player one Chance. The daily number of Chances of each Player is limited and depends on how actively he helps the “Social Chance” project in social networks. Every day the number of Chances of each Player is renewed – and again everyone has the Chance to win!

Why is it more profitable to play in our free Internet lottery than in an online casino? The answer is simple – an online casino in the long term leads to a loss. This is known to everyone who professionally dealt with the issue of casino gambling, in particular, an online casino. When playing the free Internet lottery “Social Chance” the chances of winning significant amounts only increase, and the deposit inevitably grows.

Remember this word: INEVITABLE. The deposit when playing the free Internet lottery “Social Chance” grows truly unavoidable, which is achieved thanks to the innovative business model of our online lottery, which we wrote about in a separate article.

A particularly inquisitive mind can even draw a parallel with the services of earning on viewing ads. But according to the developers of the free online lottery “Social Chance”, the services of earnings on advertising do not have enough such indicator as profitability, because at an average cost of 20 rubles per 1000 banner impressions, the cost of one advertising display is 0.02 rubles. Thus it is necessary to look through each banner about 5 seconds, plus there is a system commission. In the free Internet lottery “Social Chance” there is  an element of randomness , through which the money collected from advertising is redistributed among players, allowing a certain percentage of players to win substantial amounts.

Here we should also remember the exponential distribution of probabilities and its sacred meaning in the context of the free Internet lottery “Social Chance”. The exponential probability distribution says that over time the probability of occurrence of an event is increasing. If we consider the winnings of substantial sums in the free Internet lottery “Social Chance” events quite rare, then their offensive as long as the game in the “Social Chance” is inevitable. Equally, as well as the deposit is unavoidable when playing in an online casino (recall that online casino games have a negative mathematical expectation of winning.